Why is it called a 'White Wedding'?

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 Why is it called a 'White Wedding'?

Long before thousands waited in eager anticipation to catch a glimpse of Kate's dress when marrying Prince William, royal weddings have set the trends. Queen Victoria made possibly the most iconic wedding statement that has influenced traditions for nearly 200 years when she unorthodoxly wore white at her wedding to Prince Albert on the 10th February 1840. From this fashion decision, the concept of the white wedding was formed.


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The wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert could be regarded as the first ‘celebrity’ wedding. Wearing white was an unusual choice, as brightly coloured dresses were the current fashion. However, Queen Victoria used this as an opportunity to stand out. Only her and her twelve bridesmaids were allowed to wear white on the day, making her the centre of attention. The colour white was also a status symbol. Cleaning a dress like this would be a job that only the wealthy could afford.


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Queen Victoria






Previously royal weddings had been small, private affairs, something that Queen Victoria, being quite shy of the publicity, is thought to have preferred. However, coerced by her mother and royal advisors, this wedding set new levels of extravagance and would influence the traditions of a white wedding for centuries to come.




A wedding of this kind would have taken exceptional planning with immense attention to detail. Although wedding trends have changed over the years, many couples still opt for the traditional white wedding. The luxury setting for their wedding breakfast is a main feature of the day. With elegantly decorated chairs and tables that include beautiful chinaware, sparkling glasses and immaculate linens, carefully planned to add that special touch to the perfect day. Anglia Elite can take care of these details and take pride in ensuring that the bride and groom’s expectations are exceeded and every memory of this unique day is cherished.





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