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We are fundraising for dogs trust!


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We are delighted to be teaming up with Dogs Trust, a charity we have worked closely with over the years and is very close to our hearts

Dogs Trust is the UK's largest dog welfare charity, caring for over 15,000 dogs every year through their network of 20 re-homing centres.



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 Dogs really are part of the family and to support this wonderful charity, we will be fundraising in 2021 and for every Tolix Chair hired, we are donating 10% to Dogs Trust.

 Donations make sure Dogs Trust are able to continue doing an amazing job of giving dogs across the UK a happier and healthier life.

Every dog deserves a forever home.


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We are definitely seeing lots more dogs attending their owners' weddings. Couples are seeking dog-friendly wedding venues so they can include them in their celebrations. We love the idea of seeing them in the ceremony as a ring bearer and posing for the family photos. 

This is Delphie our Cockapoo and she absolutely loves a trip to the office and as you can see is quite happy to pose for the camera! 





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